Washer & Dryer Repair

Washer and Dryer Repair

Imagine you have an emergency event that just sprang up and you need your best outfit to really wow the guests. This could mean a great partnership or promotion or just a means to make a great first impression. The issue is you just washed your handpicked outfit but the machine was noisy and your dryer is broken. The dinner is tomorrow, what are you supposed to do?

If you're a Moore resident, then reach out to us at Swift Appliance Repair. We're one of the best-rated companies in the area and have been for a while. We keep up to date on the latest in appliance technology and service all major brands. Even if you have an antique model we do those as well.

Upon inspection, we'll have your machine up and running usually within the same day.

Why is it broken

As we all know, machines can break down for a number of reasons. Initially, it may be hard to pinpoint from the beginning but as you garner more experience fixing them, you gain a better understanding of how they work. That's why we always try and get a proper diagnosis before we even come in.

This way if it's feasible, we can coach you through how to do it yourself from home. If not we'll come in and do a thorough search from top to bottom in case there are other hidden issues.

Home troubleshooting

Won't turn on

If either your washer or dryer won't start then it's usually an electrical problem. A lot of the time it's a problem with your circuit breaker that just needs to be flipped back on. Other times your outlets aren't supplying enough voltage and an electrician will need to come in to handle it.

The third option is an issue with the circuitry with the washer or dryer in which case we will come in and handle it for you.

Won't spin

Lucky for you washers and dryers have a lot of similar architecture. The drive belt is what is responsible for the spin element in both machines. If it is worn then there is no resistance when you try to spin the drum by hand.

If the belt isn't worn then it's an issue with what allows the sinning like a car wheel so that means an axel of some sort. These are common issues so we have the replacement parts readily available 24/7.


If your laundry machine is excessively noisy it could be a complex issue. However, it could be something as simple as leveling. If your machine isn't on an even surface then it will sway more to one side which causes it to bang against the lower part of the floor.

Laundry Repair in Moore, OK

If you're someone who needs washer or dryer repair and you're in the Moore, OK area then you should most likely give us a call. Our experienced techs are waiting to help you and get things back to normal.